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TTK Company was established in 2002 year as a supplier of spare parts for vehicle air conditioners and refrigeration systems. 
Company TTK was founded in 2002 as a supplier of spare parts for automobile air conditioners and refrigeration units.
We supply spare parts directly from manufacturers.
All products arriving at our warehouses undergo high quality control, are labeled and only then go on sale.
All our specialists have undergone special training. We take care of each of our customers, providing highly qualified technical support and assistance in the selection of spare parts.
TTK company offers a wide range of spare parts for vehicle air conditioners, including dedicated and universal compressors;
compressor direct drive and electromagnetic clutches, compressor pulleys, electromagnetic coils, clutch hubs, dampers, contol valves,
filter driers, cartridges and replaceable elements, condensers and evaporators, hoses, fittings and valves, evaporator units, raw materials.
Our products, whether brand new or remanufactured, are tested for quality and fitment prior to receipt and shipment.
For cases, if the product doesn`t fit, our company unconditionally fulfilments all warranty obligations,
and we also try to resolve the cases that have happened on an individual basis.
Hundreds of honest and positive customer feedbacks about our company, you can read on our eBay page.
The most important for us is Customers satisfaction!