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A/C Compressor Pulley for GM/HARRISON V5 6PK (PV6) NI

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Name Value
A/C Compressor Manufacturer GM/HARRISON
A/C Compressor Type V5
Pulley Type 6PK (PV6)
Vehicle Manufacturer NI
Inner Diameter, mm 125
Outside Diameter, mm 131,60
Pulley Bearing A/C Compressor Pulley Bearing 40x62x20,60 C&U GM/HARRISON
Height, mm 39,80
Inside Assembly Diameter for Magnet Coil, mm 69,54
Outside Assembly Diameter for Magnet Coil, mm 93,20
A/C Compressor Pulley %для% GM/HARRISON V5 6PK (PV6)
Number Name Vehicle brand

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